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How to use sew on rhinestones perfectly !


How to use sew on rhinestones perfectly !

Rhinestones have become one of the most ultimate garment accessories, from handbags to jeans ,jackets also the mobile phone cases.

Crystal stones can add the sparkling colors to the wardrobes of celebrities in every aspect of lifes !

Sew the crystals /rhinestones onto the dots in your pattern, Move the rhinestones over the dot ,meanwhile move the needle away until the thread is pulled tight ,

make sure you pull the needle through to the back of your fabrics or clothes accessories. 

Sew-on rhinestones must be sewen by hand instead of using a sewing machine which can results in broken needles, borken rhinestoness and potential injury from frying pieces. 

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sew on rhinestones,  you can send inquiry to our company. 

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