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Hot fix application


The Jprhinestone  product assortment includes a wide range of Hotfix products. These can be applied simply, quickly and securely. Hotfix technology is ideal for application in the fields of textile, interior décor and accessories.

Jpstrass-Faqs | JP Strass Hot fix application

Jpstrass-Faqs | JP Strass Hot fix application-1

Which Products are Suitable for Hotfix Application?

  • Flat Backs Hotfix

  • Transfers

  • Synthetics

  • Crystal Mesh

How to Apply Hotfix Rhinestones

    JP Hotfix rhinestones have a crystal face on one side and a flat surface coated with heat sensitive glue on the other.

  • To apply rhinestones to a fabric you will first need to flatten out your fabric onto a flat, stable surface

  • Make sure your tool is the same size as the rhinestone and start heating it up

  • Affix your rhinestone to the tool and place it onto the fabric

  • Press it into place for a few seconds until the glue has melted and the rhinestone is firmly attached

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